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For registered citizens and their families

The National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws, is fighting to restore dignity and constitutional rights to millions.

Contact DARSOL for resources and referral assistance in Delaware.

The Travel Matrix is a list of nations along with information about how they handle entrance of visiting or moving registrants and their families.

The Delaware Apex program is dedicated to opening opportunities to individuals with criminal histories by helping them through the pardon or expungement process.

This document provides specific steps, contact information,and details to guide one through the pardon process in Delaware.

Identifies vigilantes and vigilante groups in the US and abroad known to threaten, harass, intimidate or even attack people on the registry and/or their associates/families.


Exposes specific scam experiences from Registered Citizens in Delaware.


If you or someone you love is forced to register on America's public Sex Offense Registry and you are seeking answers, support, or want to fight back against the registry, this site seeks to help.

Psychologists who conduct psychosexual evaluations for adults and youth and can testify in court as needed. Telehealth option available.


Connections has the look and feel of Facebook and is intended to provide a way for people on the registry to socially interact. Feel free to invite sympathetic friends and family members. 

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Contact us today so that our speakers and advocates can help facilitate the hard conversations needed to educate

your group or organization with

facts, not fear.