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Beware, Delaware!
Scammers are targeting Registered Citizens.


From S.S. I received a call from 302 205 5250. A message was left stating I need to call that number back for the
Wilmington Delaware Sex offenders unit. The call was super fuzzy with static both incoming and my return call from them. I left my name and number because no one answered.  
Do you know if this is legit or scam number?
The caller claims to be Detective Adams from the Wilmington police department. It says something about a serious matter he has to speak to me about.

From C.C. I think I got one. Bogus scammers called me. Someone calls my cell I don't answer then it comes to my landline. The phone says it's from Bridgeville,Delaware. It didn't say state of Delaware or anything else. This is like thethird or fourth time this has happened. I did call SBI to report it however I ended up having to leave a voicemail. You can never actually reach a person it seems. It was a guy saying something about I had do a DNA thing and just send that. I said I've already been to the registry. I went a week ago. So, I told the guy I thought he was a fake and he said he was going to come and arrest me I said go for it.
Today he was Lieutenant Yarbrough with the city of New Castle Police Department. Called both my cell and my home. I reported him this time to the City of Newcastle and they transferred me to the New Castle County Police Department where I filed a report. Not sure if it's going to do anything.
Yesterday, I had a random phone call from +1 (302) 561-9215, a man named ‘Officer Johnson’ left me a voicemail
claiming to be from Wilmington police department, and that there is an urgent matter that he needed to speak with me about regarding my registration.   When I called back, he answered the phone, and I heard beeping in the background. He asked for me to state my name for the record. I advised him no and asked who I am speaking with. He hung up the phone. 
Moments later, another number called in +1 (302) 367-7743.  This one left a voicemail as well, claiming to be the
lieutenant Yarbrough.  I asked for my mom to do a quick phone look up, and it did not come back to a police department. She called the second number, and the person advised that he needed a new sample of my DNA. Having read your email, not understanding why the Wilmington police department would be calling me about this instead of the state, the voicemail not mentioning that the police work on a rotating schedule, and never having to resubmit my DNA previously the whole time that I’ve been on the registry, made me realize that it was a scam ( hopefully ).  If I did not see your email bout the phone calls first, I definitely would have been a lot more worried, and possibly could of walked into a scam, or worse. 

From M.D. To whom it may concern:
My name is xxxxxxx, and I wanted to share some information with you in regards to a scam targeting those on the
Today, I received a call, claiming to be the new castle police department.  They stated that Delaware changed their laws due to Covid, requiring registered sex offenders to renew their DNA on file every five years.  They stated that due to my non compliance, that a warrant was issued unless I cleared this up.  They had a lot of information, due to the registry being public, and it was a very detailed call.  The red flags went up, as they told me in order for me to post bail, I would need a voucher, which they claimed I had to get from coin star or a greendot money pak.  They also required me to stay on the phone as I drove to the NCC police department.
I was able to stop and talk with a couple officers, who verified this was a scam, and one that has been going on targeting those on the registry.
I wanted to share this with you, in order to alert those on the registry in case they were targeted as well.

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