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DE Fearless Group

In September 2016, NARSOL launched a project to create dynamic, self-sustaining support groups nationwide, specifically for registered citizens and their adult family members and closest friends impacted by our draconian sexual offense laws.

These groups are much MORE than support groups, however. Their goal is two-fold: first, to provide a strong community for persons marginalized and ostracized by our society, bringing hope and empowerment, and second, to educate group members on such wide-ranging topics as advocacy, self-improvement, and civil rights. The ultimate goal is to empower registrants and their loved ones to succeed in spite of our society’s restraints so that they may become a part of the solution. Meetings contain two key components: a presentation that will inspire and educate Fearless members and a sharing/discussion component where members can apply what they have heard, connect, and build community.

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Once you are registered, you will receive an email prior to each meeting with info on how to join the meeting via Zoom. Please email  darsolfearless@gmail.comif you have any questions.


Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month from 4:00-5:30PM, ET, via Zoom and/or call-in for those without internet access. Fearless meetings are free and hosted by those on the sexual offense registry for those who are on the registry, and also their adult loved ones. Those affected by the registry in other states may also request attendance. 


We aim to create a safe environment; therefore, we have methods in place to ensure that only those on the registry and their adult loved ones are able to attend.  We need YOUR attendance to make these meetings successful and to be a beneficial tool for networking and sharing feelings, resources, and ideas. We know that your experiences and knowledge will enrich our discussions and community. Please reach out with any questions or concerns:

In order to maintain the positive atmosphere, all members must agree to abide by our group’s rules. These are in place to ensure that everyone feels respected, heard, and welcomed. Below are the rules that will be read as a “reminder” at the beginning of every DARSOL Fearless meeting.


While we dislike labels, rather than the words “Sex Offender,” we feel the term “people forced to register” (PFRs) is more accurate and less distasteful (should you see or hear that term in some context). The term “registrant” is also used.


General Rules


● Check-in: Everyone must “check-in.” A brief introduction is mandatory for all meeting attendees and should include your name and some identifier. This introduction should be very short (10-15 seconds), and is done to ensure the inclusion of all participants and the creation of a safe space.  If you do not introduce yourself, you will be removed from the meeting. Example of this brief introduction: “Hi, I’m Richard. I’ve been on the registry for 5 years living in Wilmington", or "I’m a loved one of ……" or "wife of ……” .


● Communicate Respectfully and Without Judgment: We use “I” language, not “you,” “we,” or “they.” So, instead of telling someone, “You should___,” you might instead state, “I had a similar experience, and what was helpful for me was ___.” You may ask the person if you can follow up after the meeting.


● Limit Complaining: Fearless is about finding ways to move forward in order to live a full life despite the adverse circumstances caused by sexual offense laws and policies. It’s about support, networking, sharing positive insights and resources, and much more.


●Avoid Crosstalk: This is defined as interrupting the person who is speaking as well as any side conversations between members. If you need clarification on something that was shared (a lawyer’s contact information, a housing resource, etc.), use the chat function.   


● Respect Everyone’s Time:  No one is compelled to share; it is optional. Shares must be kept to the limit set by the facilitator based on the total number of attendees. If you would like to share longer, please wait until everyone has had a chance to share once.



The DARSOL Fearless group generally meets on the 1st Saturday of the Month at 4 p.m. Eastern Time for 90 minutes. A Zoom link will be emailed or texted to anyone who expresses

interest. Occasionally, the meeting date is changed to accommodate facilitators’

availability/work schedules, and you will be notified about any changes.





Saturday, July 6th - Appreciating and Forgiving Your Country - Having gratitude while being a PFR.

Saturday, August 3rd

Saturday, September 7th

Saturday, October 5th

Saturday, November 2nd

Saturday, December 7th

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