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International Megan's Law Information

Per Public Law 114-119, International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders (International Megan’s Law), the Angel Watch Center provides advanced notification to foreign countries when individuals convicted of covered sexual offenses involving minors have upcoming international travel. These notifications to the foreign countries do not include any recommended action to be taken against the individual, and only provide basic passenger and conviction information.  Any action taken by foreign officials of the notified country is solely at the discretion of those foreign officials.  Please visit the following link for more important information related to International Megan’s Law, which has been codified in Chapter 215 of Title 34 of the U.S. Code:


It is recommended that you contact the embassy of the destination country prior to any future international travel to inquire if your previous conviction for a covered sexual offense involving a minor may preclude you from entering that country upon arrival.


Additionally, per International Megan’s Law, individuals who have been convicted of a covered sexual offense against a minor and are required to register as a sex offender in any United States jurisdiction are subject to the passport marking provision. The marking will be placed in the endorsement section of your passport book and will read as follows: THE BEARER WAS CONVICTED OF A SEX OFFENSE AGAINST A MINOR, AND IS A COVERED SEX OFFENDER PURSUANT TO 22 USC 212B(C)(1). If you received a notice from the Department of State that your unmarked passport was revoked, you may visit if you require more information about how to apply for a new passport. If you would like to self-identify as an individual required to have the marking in your passport prior to receiving a revocation notice, you may do so by executing a new application and submitting it to your local passport processing office along with a written statement self-identifying yourself as subject to International Megan's Law.


If you believe that you have been mistakenly identified as an individual convicted of a sex offense involving a minor or have been convicted of a sex offense involving a minor but are no longer required to register in any United States jurisdiction and are therefore no longer subject to the passport marking requirement, please send all relevant information  to along with a completed Certification of Identity form,  which can be found at the following public link:


Please note, inquiries received at this email address will not receive a response unless they include the completed Certification of Identity form and are related to a notification that has been made to a foreign government or are related to a passport marking that is already on your current passport. Questions regarding whether an individual will be subject to foreign notification for future travel or if an individual is required to a receive passport marking on a future passport will not receive a response (please see the link for International Megan’s Law above for information regarding these subjects).

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